When Domestic Violence Becomes Personal

The fact that 1 in 4 women have been abused by a romantic partner should consistently anger you. This isn’t a race issue nor is it a class issue. Some are permanently scarred, both mentally and physically. Others are often brutally killed by the very people who claimed to love them. Women across the board are being victimized at an alarming rate and this week, I view domestic violence in a different way. (Which I’ll discuss in a separate post)

This time it’s personal.

I remember Kayla when I used to take trips to Niagara Falls to play basketball. She was originally introduced to me through 1 of my teammates’ girlfriend. She was sweet, always smiling, and had big curly hair. I hadn’t seen Kayla in at least 5 years. But my boy just mentioned her like 3 months ago because it was coming up on his girlfriend’s (who went to school with Kayla) HS reunion. I found Kayla on FB and sent her a friend request this past Thursday. From the photos I could see, she was a mom now. I sent her a basic message to jog her memory of who I was and to say congrats on having 2 beautiful children.

That message won’t get read. I’ve cancelled the friend request.

While the police are still investigating and thus not releasing many details, the writing is on the wall. It doesn’t take a degree from CSI Community College to know that this senseless tragedy was precipitated by a case of domestic violence.

I seldom pander and hate asking for donations about random causes. But I’m asking my readers and their readers for help because this hits home for me. Kayla has 2 young children who are going to need an immeasurable amount of love and support. Her support system has already begun to surround them throughout the grief process and beyond. However, nobody plans for their death this early in their life. As a young parent, (and just being young and healthy period) you don’t think about the financial responsibilities that’ll be left behind if something happens to you.

So I’m sharing this donation link that was set up by Kayla’s cousin. Whatever you choose to donate will be used directly for them. I also ask that you keep her children and family in your thoughts/prayers as they navigate through this.

Thanks guys!

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