Now Is The Time To Overcome What’s Holding You Back

The first four months of 2016 have been busy. Some of the recent changes have been abrupt; forcing me to change gears almost overnight. Other changes have been more a slow burn. I’m currently doing a devotional that is focused on the calling – hearing it, knowing what it means, and how to live a Jesus-centered life.

Doing the devotional has given me some details to look for in my prayers and in my daily actions. I decided to dive a little deeper into what it means to have God call you to do something. We often see God’s purpose for our lives as singular. Although, our anointing has the power to affect those around us now and the people we’ll meet along the way.

Identify the problem areas in your life.

Our solutions alone can’t rein problems in. If you want peace restored to mind, heart, and environment, you have to surrender to Jesus Christ. Whatever it is that’s blocking the space in your heart from Jesus coming in, you have to identify it and call it out. Dealing with panic attacks, I’ve tried to remind myself that I have nothing to worry about because God’s got it.


Don’t assume that your weaknesses can’t become strengths.

The Prince of Egypt is one of my favorite animated movies. Moses didn’t think that the people of Egypt would they follow him. At first, he didn’t even think he was worthy to lead. In Exodus 4:10-11, Moses admits his shortcoming. I’m not sure if he had a literal speech impediment or if he just thought he wasn’t a good orator. Nonetheless, God saw fit to use Moses to free an entire generation. When God calls you to do something, He will use all of you. Stop feeling bad about the areas where you fall short.

Be prepared to do something different.

As a Christian, there’s always work to do. With your calling comes a mission. That is, you have a set of directions that get more specific the closer you get. For example, in the early stages, God may remind to love your neighbor and love those who curse you. As you advance, God will put you directly in a situation where you’re face to face with an enemy. The natural reaction is for you to be tense. Maybe even have some anxiety. Because you’ve matured, what’ll happen is that the person will see Christ in you. They’ll see how what used to bother you and get under your skin doesn’t anymore. The peace that you have will make your enemies ingratiating themselves and elevate you at the same time. Heeding the will of God requires you to operate on a higher moral ground without the concern of worldly judgement.

Everybody can’t come with you.

Realistically, every person isn’t meant to be a lifetime person. Some people come into your life to teach you something. Some people exist to draw things out of you. It might be in passing, it might be years. Answering God’s call means being okay with letting go. You have to accept that the new you won’t be able to maintain the same bonds you once had. And I believe that once you’ve decided to let go of a person or situation, you’ll find that those bonds were really places of bondage.


Expect your prayers to be answered.

Sometimes, we miss our calling because we have a narrow idea of it. I’ve wanted to work in sports since my early 20s. I thought my career would be in a specific arena. However, in the “waiting room”, I’ve been able to hone my basketball knowledge. I’ve made connections and developed ideas entirely on my own. Get it out of your mind that your life has to look and be a particular way. Stop limiting your future based on the evidence of your present. Believe that God has equipped you with all you need to live a life of purpose.

Wherever you are in life, today is the perfect day to decide that nothing is going to stop you from fulfilling your destiny. If you’re in the storm, know that Jesus is there. If you’re just starting out, know that the hard, ugly parts will be made beautiful and whole again. And if you’ve already accepted your calling, know that you’ve been chosen for a divine reason.

When God puts you on a platform, big or small, nothing can take it away.


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