TMI Tuesday (Been A Long Time)

This week’s edition was kind of introspective, which aligned perfectly with a personal check-in before I allowed depression to creep in any further.

1. How do you feel about your appearance?
Right now, I know I’m slacking off. I have a blood clot that’s slowing me down from working out. I’m on a strict training schedule to be in the best shape I can be for the Tough Mudder I signed up to do. It’s hard to feel positive about my physical appearance because I can’t go hard as I want. Excuses are over though.

2. Are you currently doing anything to improve your self-image (i.e., exercise, therapy, weight change, new lover, cosmetic surgery)? What? I recently decided to take a break from therapy. I don’t think therapy is meant to be long-term. Its role is to give you the tools you need to function without it. I’m thinking about getting some ink this summer and growing my beard out completely. The motivation to trim and tone is reaching an all-time high. Might even try a fast or go back to cutting out sweets.

3. Do you have any rules that must be adhered to either before sexual action takes place or during sex? Being celibate is a rule in and of itself.

4. Are you satisfied with your significant other’s appearance? If not what would you improve? I don’t have a significant other right now but this a question that’s indicative of maturity. I’m not trying to be with someone that I want to change at this point in my life. I don’t want a project and I’m not trying to be treated as one. If she wants to change something about herself, cool. Anything after that isn’t going to influence my love or attraction to her.

5. What makes you feel sexy? Air-drying.

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