Photo Post #10: Passion to Profit

I say I grind like there’s 10 of me
I swear to god there’s just one of me

look, I know I ain’t there yet
just know that I’m gonna be

To say this was a great week is an understatement. The last few days have been a culmination of months of hard work and daring faith. I say daring faith because I had no way of knowing what the decisions I’d made would amount to later on. All I could do was take a chance and pray that the doors to my destiny would be opened. Or at the very least, I’d be closer to the career freedom I want.


I took a new job as a corporate wellness trainer recently. Working in the start-up industry means contract positions are often unpredictable; mostly because the terms aren’t under your control. I was hired to design a wellness program from scratch — focusing on opportunities to encourage relationship building within a co-working space. It definitely wasn’t a job I ever saw myself doing. It may not even sound exciting the way I’m describing it. Yet it’s a pretty amazing and unique project to be a part of.

I’ve trained at a few different sports facilities and have learned different tricks and techniques to be able to flourish at my new job. However, my career is tied to helping to build a division at an established facility where I live. So my boss and I traveled to the IMG Academy campus this week. I needed him to see my vision and be on board. Sometimes people can’t support your dream until they see how possible it is.

We spent the day talking to some of IMG’s best trainers and sports therapists. I learned new things about sports psychology and the advancements in biomechanics. It’s all very nerdy but I loved every minute of it. What’s most important is that my boss came away from the trip with more faith in me to expand. I’m thrilled about the process that’s going to continue over the next couple of months.



At the top of the year, I joined the staff at Sports Illustrated official blog, The Cauldron. I struggled at first because my stories weren’t getting enough traction. I had moments of feeling like I didn’t belong because more experienced sports writers were getting first dibs on my ideas. Yet, like any business, writing is all about paying dues. I waited my turn and while I was waiting, I penned this piece about the lack of mental health resources in professional sports.

You can read it here!


As a hustler, it can feel like time is passing you by. You’re competing with yourself in a crowded lane. You want to be paid for your talent but it takes years to build value. It’s a frustrating conundrum. However, as cliche as this may come off, you have to believe in whatever your passion is. You have to have daring faith that your hustle, your idea, your brand is worth something. Eventually others will see it too. Then you’ll have the leverage to make profits and pivot your passion into other ventures.

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