Photo Post #9: When Hard Work Pays Off

I’ve been at this writing thing going on 5 years. Last year, I wanted to focus on getting my work published in other places. Some of my pitches were turned down. A few sites that I enjoy as a reader weren’t interested in featuring my writing. However, I kept at it. I made sure that whatever I wrote on this site was my best, regardless of the subject matter. It didn’t matter if a post had 10 readers or 100 readers. I wrote because I wanted to be good enough to be accepted. But the thing is, 30s and Beyond is a personal blog. I like that certain things in my life, while immortalized on a public domain, are still relatively private.

As a “professional” writer, my audience has grown. I now have a more diverse readership. I write for well-known publications. Last week, I crossed a writing goal that I didn’t even know was a writing goal. One of my posts ranked #1 for unique views!


As of now, it has over 40K views. I have great editors who have cultivated my writing process. They’ve given me the freedom to write on the things that matters to me. To have two articles I wrote rank in the top on different sites is both satisfying and motivating.

Writing is hard. Like, unbelievably hard. I second guess myself often because I measure myself up against other writers. However, now I’m secure in my lane. More importantly, I’m only working against meeting my own expectations. This is just the beginning.

January was dope! What’s good February?!



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