Photo Post #8: Countdown To Graduation

I look back on this time and reflect on the highs and lows. As good as I am with personal finances, I struggled with it in formally-structured curriculum. I’ve done budgeting and have basic knowledge of financial analyses. However, the financials involved in running a business are different. The class that nearly broke me, though, was sports law. (which I wrote about here)  After not getting the grade I wanted on the final, I felt defeated and disappointed. Thankfully, I didn’t stay stuck in that place mentally. I turned things around. I killed my next 2 classes and got my capstone idea approved by two of my professors.

My project's final logo

My project’s final logo

I’ve probably logged 60+ hours into my project; from writing outlines on my lunch breaks to logging data into Excel and Powerpoint to re-learning how to cite sources. I had the opportunity to do a couple of interviews with start-up CEOs in sports marketing and media. The hardest part, hands down, was coming up with the name and logo. I chose something simple that would translate graphically.

Despite hiccups along the way, I went back to school with a goal in mind. For years, I said that I was too dumb to go to law school. I made excuses about going back to grad school. To know I put 100% into a goal and am thisclose – I’ll never talk myself out of another dream again.

No one says your road towards success will be easy. However, it’s important to see your journey as meaningful. Even if it takes a while, whatever you’ve been working hard for will come. I think sometimes restoration is about us being redirected. And regardless of how long it takes to get to the end, what matters is that you stayed the course.

3 More Weeks!

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