Post Revisited: Like > Love

Everybody has a person that leaves an indelible mark. Who they are and what they mean to you is intricately woven into your past, present, and perhaps, your future. Their imprint in the timeline of your story is unique. It’s why Lance married Mia in spite of his boy sleeping with her first. It’s why Noah wrote letters to Allie. For an entire 12 months, bruh! However, if they’re only around for a season, you’re left with memories. Those thoughts get pushed to the recesses of your brain even when you try your hardest to forget. I used to not believe in the phrase “I/we fell in love”. However, it makes sense now. Love, in its dopest form, has the space to blossom when you like a person first.

I wrote a few years ago how important it was to me to like the woman I choose to plan spend the rest of my life with. There’s so much more value in liking your significant other.

As I was driving to work this morning, my favorite song at the moment came up in the shuffle. There’s a part of the song I sing along with every single time – “If there’s such a thing as heaven sent, girl that’ll be you. It’s all new to me, cause I’ve never been so over the moon”. I love this particular set of lines because for me, it captures the essence of being smitten with the one you love. The phase where like turned to love is a feeling you’ll never forget. If you’re lucky enough to marry him/her, you’ll want to feel that same spark over and over. (Sidebar: it’s funny to me how the lady is nodding in a slightly cocky way lol Men are sprung once and they’re sprung forever)


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