It’s Okay To Be Single

The cuffing season conversation came up while I was in the barbershop last weekend. The conversation involved into dating in DC and some generalities around the mad dash to lock someone down for the fall and winter months. An interesting tidbit that came up was the fact that being single in DC, especially this time of year, is favorable for men.

People take this serious

People take this serious

Listening to the guys affirmed to me that cuffing season sounds like more of a headache than the ROI. There always seems to be too many variables. I’m sure if you asked around within your own circle, you’d find a few September-March ‘situationships’ that turned into weddings and babies. There’s nothing wrong with having a strong ‘fall back and chill’ game though. Being single isn’t a title you should run away from. I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss the perks that come with having someone that you’re all in on. However, I’m using this period in my life to work on being a better me so that I can be a better boyfriend whenever it happens.

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