Photo Post #7: French Toast…With A View

I don’t know if Frontier is on the verge of closing or what, but I’ve come up on some too-good-to-pass-up flight deals recently. One of them happened to be a last minute promo code for Labor Day. I was in Orlando just a few weeks ago for something school-related. But I’ve wanted to spend a few days in S. Fl for awhile now. I’ve been thinking about that “bucket list” goal I have to find more of my dad’s side of the family and learn more about him. Considering the flight was only $54 round trip and I had a short holiday break from classes this week, I took advantage.


Asked room service to put some peanut butter on my french toast...gotta get that protein in

Lately, I’ve been in straight Eeyore mode. Even though it kept raining like it only does in FL, this trip was right on time. It felt good to be able to relax and not have to think about feeling guilty for doing something just for me. Plus, nobody could continue to mope with a view like this.


  1. Yes!! I just booked a sweet deal to Chicago with Frontier Air. How did you like the service? I’m usually skeptical of an airline that has such cheap fares.

    1. I hate the BS fees, so I wound up buying clothes here to take home w/ me…the staff was really nice but the plane itself was kinda raggedy…that’s why I’m wondering if they’re deep in the red bc the flight I was on was trash lol for a short flight though, it was bearable…I would never take Frontier x country or during the winter tho

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