Having An Appreciation For Stillness

I know that my weakness has always been caring what people think. Truth be told, I have an admiration for people who don’t care what people think and live their life that way. I’ve often measured my failures against other peoples’ successes. I judge my decisions based on what people will think of me as a person; often to my detriment. But as I sat explaining the sources for my latest breakdown during a therapy session, I suddenly realized that I needed to just stop.

I’ve had this Jamie Foxx song in my head for awhile and there’s a part in it
Be still (be still) wait on it (wait on it)
Change is gonna come oh oh
I know that it’s hard on your spirit but don’t let the pain take your soul
Even though you live with it dont give in to it
cause inside we’re the same
cause love brings change

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Click to read the rest

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