Proper Grooming Has The Power To Transform

Yesterday, I had a chance to volunteer with my church’s missionary ministry. As part of the back-to-school season, the ministry’s leader asked for those who are skilled to donate their time and talents to give free haircuts. I signed up for 2 reasons: because I know how to cut hair, obviously. But the second reason was a little more personal. I know how important it is for a boy or young man – especially if he’s starting school or a new job – to have a fresh haircut. I didn’t have anyone take the care to show me how to shave. I taught myself how to cut my hair and it wound up being a side hustle for me when things got tight. I was honored to be able to guide a few of the older boys on how to choose clippers to keep themselves up between haircuts. It’s important for men of all ages to know how to groom themselves for every type of look and occasion.

A rare bare-faced me

A rare bare-faced me


This week on The Good Men Project, I wrote about how a great grooming experience has sometimes been the only thing that made me feel good about who I saw in the mirror.

What’s your grooming routine like? How often do you set aside time to pamper yourself?


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