Photo Post #6: 2 Of My Favorite Things

* Today would have been Stuart Scott’s 50th birthday. Rest well, Stu

I can honestly say this was a better weekend than I’d expected…for the first time, I experienced what it means to “party in the Hamptons”…I felt slightly out of place being one of only 2 black people at this particular party…however, my friend and his fiancee invited me so they made sure I was comfortable…one thing I learned is that pastel-colored pants and shorts are mandatory when you go anywhere in the Hamptons…I still prospered in my boat shoes though

Coming back to the city, I was prepared to grab dinner with family and finally get some real sleep…instead, I walked into a kitchen with two of my favorite things


Double shots of Avion tequila in my cupcakes AND my sweet potato pie. HEAVEN!

I’ve wanted liquor cupcakes for my birthday for the longest…but they’re not easy to find, especially when you’re bougie about your liquor…a friend of my cousin’s hooked me up while my Tia did her thing with my favorite dessert.

I’m blessed.

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