Knicks No. 4 Pick Receives Boos, But Get Jerian Grant Via Trade

If Kristaps Porzingis doesn’t pan out, Knicks fans of past and present will never forgive Phil Jackson. We had so many options once the Lakers took Russell and the 76ers took Okafor. The ideal, best available selection should have been Emmanuel Mudiay. But nooooo. Anything that seems simple and obvious, Knicks brass is guaranteed to go in the opposite direction. To be fair, I haven’t watched much film on this Latvian product. Bleacher Report did a quick break down on his strengths/weaknesses. With European front men, you often need at least 2-3 full seasons before writing them off as a smart pick or a total bust. Thank God for draft night trades.


The Knicks received guard Jerian Grant in a trade that shipped Tim Hardaway Jr. and future second round picks to Atlanta and Kelly Oubre Jr. to Washington. I liked Grant’s senior season at Notre Dame. He gives the Knicks a second option at the shooting guard position. Not only can he create his own shot, but Grant is one of the best passers in this draft class. Playing in the Eastern Conference will give him a chance to improve upon his defense though.

Jerian Grant does things well that we’ve been waiting for Hardaway Jr. to do consistently. Galloway and Grant will definitely flourish in the triangle coming off the bench. Now, Knicks fans have to be patient to see what moves Phil Jackson pulls off next week at the beginning of free agency.

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