Entourage Is Exactly What You’d Expect

Warning: If you plan on seeing the movie, don’t read this…I can’t really talk about it without some spoilers on deck

Like most TV shows, Entourage took awhile to grow on me. Once it did, my Sunday nights were set. Before on-demand was a thing, you had to find episode guides to refresh yourself with key plot points because HBO shows take such long breaks. I, like most young men, finally had a show that was cool without all the emo/lovey-dovey stuff. Fans waited awhile to get an Entourage movie. And well…it’s doesn’t disappoint if you accept the hollow characters you’ve come to know.

First things first, I was shocked at the turnout on a Tuesday night; the night before it officially opens. There were about 150 people in the theater. What I found interesting is a) a lot of couples and b) a lot of youngins who aren’t of-age to remember the show during its run. I sat next to a dad and his 2 boys; one was 18, the other 16. So when Entourage started, these boys were 7 and 5 respectively. Crazy!

I can’t imagine what the logline for the script looked like. But the plot is Vince directs his first movie. The movie is co-financed by a bloated Haley Joel Osment and his father, played by Billy Bob Thornton. Everyone who’s seen it loves it except HJO. He doesn’t like it because of Emily (something Russian). The movie gets held up. Ari Gold spends about 40 minutes trying to figure out how to get things back on track. So simply stated, the movie is about a woman coming between 2 powerful men.


What works for Entourage is what has always worked for Entourage. The movie is stocked with celebrity cameos. One of the first is TI and Tiny in an ob/gyn office in which he’s found out they’re having another baby. It was hilarious. The other cameo that was clever although not as funny as others is Ari Gold pulls up to a stoplight and next to him is Liam Neeson. The subtext is that they have some type of beef, so as a Neeson speeds off, Ari yells out “Come on Schindler, leave no Jew behind!”. Writer Doug Ellin does weave in Hollywood trivia and pop culture references to keep the movie feeling current. I can appreciate that because the cameos don’t feel as random and forced as they felt on the show.

Also, Entourage is far more about Ari Gold than it is about Vinny Chase. He carries the movie with his crass quick-wit and speed walking. That’s what saves the movie in my opinion. Vinny Chase is as passive and disinterested as he was after the Medellin debacle. Johnny Drama (my least favorite character) is still loud and annoying. I’ve written before how much I liked Turtle’s evolution on the show. But even he is overtaken at times by Gold’s grandiose demeanor. Jeremy Piven may as well legally change his name to Ari Gold now. He did the press for this movie and his new book, The Gold Standard, literally in full character. There’s no way he can be anyone but Ari Gold.

Entourage can be likened to some of the Fast and the Furious movies. The star power is there. The special effects, or in this case, eye candy, is abundant. But the story line is flimsy and mostly illogical. Yet you don’t care. Because you’re a guy and it’s mindless entertainment with dope music for 90 minutes.

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