Bucket List Update And How Life Is Urgent Like a Muh…

I haven’t had many great nights since I moved to the DC area. Wait, is a 45 minute drive considered “metro?”. Because I’ve bounced around in the past few years, I always try to take advantage of each new city I temporarily call “home”. Living in Chicago, I saw a Bulls game, got some popcorn from the famous Garrett’s and saw the Bean. That was about it because about 3 months in, I got a job opportunity overseas. Of all the places I’ve lived in such a short time, Houston is still my favorite.  Although, I haven’t given DC a full chance. I’m going to change that.

Thank God, the movie was worth the drive.

Thank God, the movie was worth the drive.

Last night, I came up on a pass to go see the Fast and Furious 7 advance screening. The last movie I saw as a screening was Draft Day and it was horrible. But I had nothing else to do plus the weather was really dope, so why not? My mind wandered while simultaneously contemplating things I have on deck this month.

A few years ago, I did a bucket list of things that I wanted to do by my birthday that following year. Some of the things on the list were up to chance because they depended on other people and factors (IE: wanting to see Prince and Sade in concert). The reason why bucket lists in general crossed my mind now is because who would’ve thought Fast 7 would be Paul Walker’s last movie?

I can even tie this into the book I just finished – Stuart Scott’s Every Day I Fight. Not only do we not know if our tomorrows are promised, but we don’t appreciate all that we can do with our current time. He has a chapter in the book about how our lives consist of 2 dates and a dash. In fact, I wrote a poem a few years ago chronicling what happens “In The Middle”. How many of us consider the excitement in making a bucket list? How many of us weigh the consequences of life passing us by with no funny anecdotes or battle wounds to show for it? I thought about all the time I wasted not doing the exact things I wanted to. And I arrived at the bottom line that I won’t spend any more hours, days, weeks, months of my life wishing and wanting. It matters to me to start doing and being.

When I did a bucket list the first time, it was lengthy. Now? I have a set group of things I’m already working on to accomplish this year.

– Finish my master’s in sports marketing (I was embarrassed to talk about this. I felt like my program wasn’t notable or valuable enough to mention. But it’s an achievement nonetheless. I’ve learned to remove the shame from it. I know the work I’ve been putting in to complete the program.)

– Drive across the country (I really want to see Nashville, St. Louis, and Park City, Utah. I’m sure it would take a lot of mapping to hit those cities, but I’d love to knock it out during this summer.)

Don’t filter me, bro

– Visit Curacao, Trinidad, and Exuma Island (I went to Curacao earlier this year and loved it! It’s not as touristy as the rest of the Caribbean. It might be a cool place to buy a cheap condo and retire in 30 years. And Exuma? They have swimming pigs that you can feed! Nuff said.)

– Meet my soul mate (Not how it sounds.)

– Find my roots (My father’s branches of the tree are full of question marks. All I know is that he was adopted, grew up in Jamaica, and moved to the States when he was 18. I’d like to go back to Jamaica and find any relatives I can. I need that void in my life filled.)

– I’m debating on doing the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, the Color Vibe, or something like that. The people I’ve talked to that have done either said they can be brutal; especially Tough Mudder. I want to tackle the challenge. I’m getting my weight down to 190-200 lbs and 8% body fat. I feel like a challenge of that magnitude would prove to my doctor that my body will be fine without the ICD.

I don’t think about what I should be doing or how things should have gone. “Should” isn’t even in my lexicon anymore, to be honest. My focus is on the now and the planning I can do to make the most of whatever time I have left. As I look at my mom every day, I know that “the dash” is what’ll be your life’s message and legacy.


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