Marbury’s Ducks Come Back To Win 3rd Title

The Beijing Ducks, much like the Heat and Spurs, had a visible target on their back this season. Led by 38 year old Stephon Marbury, the Ducks headed into the CBA playoffs with a 27-11 record. As a 4th seed, they cruised through the first 2 rounds. After losing 2 straight games against the opposing Liaoning, Marbury showed flashes of his youth in a deciding game 4. He put up 36 points, shooting 12 for 15.

The Ducks went on to win the next 2 as well, claiming their 3rd CBA title in 4 years. Marbury also received Finals MVP honors. It’s inspiring to see what Stephon Marbury has accomplished since playing in China. He’s become a basketball God in Beijing. He’s grown his brand and was given the opportunity to lead a franchise into history. From a fan and basketball business perspective, Marbury is the epitome of you’re never too old or too far lost to start over.

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