#30in30 Day 23: The Short Story I Never Finished

To keep up with the theme of parenting and fatherhood (I don’t know why this is heavily on my mind right now), I wanted to revisit the time in which I tried my hand at fiction writing. I pulled up the file today and thought about penciling in time to maybe add some chapters…eventually. You can read the original version by clicking on the heart.

Click Image To Download "Love's Lost"

I wanted to see how I could do writing using only the creative part of my brain. The short story I wrote dealt with a married man trying to accept the fact that his wife is infertile. We often see how money, sex, and cheating are the downfalls of marriage. Your wife not being able to give you a child is just as much of a turning point in your marriage as any other hardship. I love movies and I realize that there are so many stories about being black that just aren’t explored in film. Re-reading it, I wrote the story seeing it in my head as a completed film. Even though this experience is not mine, it was nearly impossible to not inject parts of me into the character and the story itself. Hope you enjoy it.

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