#30in30 Day 20: My First Post On LinkedIn

As an introvert, I’m not the type who randomly goes to places and works the room. I actually have a running joke with my boys that we only show up it involves getting paid to be there or walking out of there with a deal in place. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a sociable person. However, networking when it comes to the corporate world just sometimes feels forced and manipulative. Even at this point in my career, I’m pushing to become more comfortable ingratiating myself in different social circles. Success is all about social promotion in certain realms.

In efforts to connect with a wider group of professionals, I’ve been using LinkedIn for the last year. One 5 year professional goal I have is to be able to get some more speaking gigs. I’d love to spend my retirement just going around college campuses doing speeches and sitting on panels. My opportunity up at Syracuse was profound. Although I’m still growing within my own career, I enjoyed being able to share my story with eager, enthusiastic students. I know that in order to get my name out there, I need to strengthen my craft in the professional realm.

LinkedIn rolled out a self-publishing platform last year. I don’t know how often I’ll utilize it. But I have the hope that some posts will lead to me writing in other more renowned spaces. So check out my first post over there!


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