#30in30 Day 19: Answering 5 Personal Questions

What’s your idea of great 1st date? I think 1st dates should be memorable and offer the atmosphere of getting to know each other without feeling like an interview. So a rooftop brunch or fruit/cheese platter in the park would be really dope.

What’s the most superficial characteristic you look at in the opposite sex? I did a whole post about this. Definitely legs!

Do you have a strange phobia? Bruh. I don’t know why or when it began, but I am afraid of little people. I damn near hyperventilated on a flight when I saw one sitting in first class one time. I feel bad admitting it because it’s offensive and probably discriminatory. I don’t even like watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Which celebrity would you change lives with? This was a good one when I initially saw it. And it took me a minute to really think of a celebrity whose life I “envy”. I’d have to say Robert Downey Jr. Nobody has had a comeback story like him. Plus, I want to try on the Iron Man suit and Instagram it.

What’s one movie you could watch over and over again? I’m going to cheat and give you 2 ; one regular and one animated. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and A Goofy Movie.


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