#30in30 Day 12: The Beautiful Struggle

There are moments when I force myself to pause and take it all in. As a corporate hustler, I’ve always had my hands in different things. This new project I’m working on takes up the free time that I manage to carve out. But that “free time” is typically hours that I don’t sleep. It’s how the brain of an entrepreneur works. We’re always thinking. Always strategizing. Always planning. And sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to just stop.

This thought came back to me when I gave J. Cole’s recent album 2014 Forest Hills Drive a spin in the car. He has a song on there called “Love Yourz”. And the lyrics reminded me about the transformative journey many of us experience. I’ve been broke. I’ve had to live at home as a grown adult. I’ve had to go weeks of not eating out or not buying anything for myself. It sucked going through it. However, when I look at the place I’m in financially and mentally, it was all worth it. I don’t have all that I want and I’m not ballin by no means. But the one thing I tell myself is that the work will pay off very soon. And the message I took away from Cole’s bars is to be happy with what you have now so that you can invite more blessings to come your way. That doesn’t mean to stop grinding or working passionately toward your dream. It just means to appreciate the beauty of your struggle.

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