#30in30 Day 6: One Goal I Keep Failing At

Every year, I say I’m going to read more

Every year, I start a few books.

Every year, I finish none.

Any piece of advice I’ve read about being a better writer is how you need to read often. I don’t like reading; at least not physical books. Part of that is because we’ve become accustomed to getting most, if not all, of our knowledge from apps or social media. Many newspapers and magazines that were coffee table mainstays are now all digital. I don’t even have a bookshelf in my house. However, I was reminded this afternoon that reading is how you grow mentally. The same way that you feed your body in order to stay healthy, your brain needs to be fed too.

I’ve set a modest goal for myself to finish 5 books this year. I have 2 audiobooks in my Audible account from last year that I have yet to touch. Sad, I know. I also want to tap into the opportunity of getting more public speaking gigs. I know a huge part of reading is honing my vocabulary and the nuance of my speech pattern.

If you have any book recommendations, please share!

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