#30in30 Day 5: 4 Years As A Writer

Time sure has flown by. I’ve written over 100 posts for Examiner yet somehow I feel like there should be more than that. As a relationship writer, I’ve covered everything from online dating to dealing with infidelity. Since 2011, I’ve been able to question ideas that I thought were unchangeable. I’ve matured in my thinking on certain aspects of relationships and marriage. Additionally, I’m proud to say that some of those articles have given me the opportunity to guest post for Black and Married with Kids.

To honor my 4th year as a professional writer, here are some of my top Examiner articles.

Dating resolutions you can make for the new year

You should date a man for his money

5 reasons why forgiveness is so hard for men

Making a fitness a priority in your relationship

How to make sexting a win, instead of a waste of time

Should there be a shelf-life for your engagement

Don’t be the rebound girl (or guy)

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