#30in30 Day 3: Sometimes Success Requires A Co-Sign

In an age where following your dreams and being a hustler is celebrated, some people have lost sight of how important a co-sign is. The co-sign is huge in the hip hop world. Think about all the artists who blew up because someone that the industry trusted propped them up. Kanye West, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar – even with the massive grassroots fanbase that these artists had, their career went mainstream once an established brand took them to that next level. Without Jay’s co-sign, Kanye would be just another dope producer who can spit and write. Plenty of those exist.

Everybody believes they can make it as an entrepreneur on their own. You can’t be autonomous and expect decision-makers to throw money or time into your passion project or budding brand. One thing I’ve come to know as fact is that nobody cares about your dream if there’s no tangible way they can profit from it. And not every dream is profitable; for you or anyone else.

I don’t do anything solely for the money. I’m happy to be able to turn something I love (and would do for free) into a legitimate business. However, I also know a lot of the accomplishments I’ve made in the past 13 years wouldn’t have happened without a co-sign. I don’t like asking friends/associates for favors. I’d love to be able to retire and tell my kids one day that their dad was self-made. But I think we’re slowly shifting away from that “self-made” ideology. Successful businesses are collective efforts.

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