#30in30 Day 2: When Life Comes Full Circle

It’s only the 2nd day of the year and I’m already working towards a major career goal of mine.


A few years ago, I was working in the sports marketing division at this company. I loved what I did but I wanted more than just to be a guy who works there. When you work at one of the top companies in an industry, it’s expected that you have the freedom and access to pursue whatever you want. However, certain opportunities are merely pitstops to a bigger vision. You shouldn’t overstay your time at a place that’s supposed to be temporary.

Today, after a lot of quiet grinding, I presented at my first pitch meeting in LA. I was sitting in a fancy boardroom of the same company that I’d left in NY. I never thought this would be possible. People thought I was crazy. I didn’t know that, after leaving such a prestigious agency, I’d meet multiple people in a position to help me execute my dream. I’m still sort of in awe as I type this now.

Last year, I talked about restoration and the power of second chances. A word that was grilled into my head a lot in 2013-14 was patience. When you work so hard for something and the vision is clear, you want things to happen right away. Not everyone’s path is going to be that simple though. Whereever you are on your journey, pay attention to the people who are in your life. Be sensitive to the messages they pour into you as well as what they may be taking away. You may miss something crucial to your journey because you gave up too soon or pushed someone away that you didn’t know you’d need later on down the road. Some failures don’t become clear until it’s too late.

No matter how many Ls you rack up or what you miss out on, when something is meant for you, it’ll come back around when you’ready for it.

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