Standing Ovation Moves Vince Carter To Tears

There are so many highlights of the 90-00s era of basketball that I can vividly remember – Jordan’s flu game, Kevin Johnson posterizing Hakeem the Dream, Allen Iverson putting MJ on skates, Larry Johnson’s 4 point play, Rick Fox vs. Doug Christie, I could go on. But 1 moment that will always be in the top 5 is this

At 37, Vince Carter is still out here doing it for the 99 and 2000. The Toronto Raptors, who will celebrating 20 years in the NBA, paid special tribute to the Vinsanity era before Carter and his current team, the Grizzlies, took court.

This was so dope to me because I’ve been able to see so many of my favorite players go out in a classy way. In 2000, I was turning 21. I would study Vince Carter dunks and spend hours coming up with my own. It’s amazing to be able to have these “remember when…” moments about players who inspired an entire generation both culturally and athletically.

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