Beckham Jr. Shines Even With Another Giants’ Loss

Coming off a bye, some teams take advantage of the extra rest and return to the field poised. Others come back and look stagnant. Like the Giants.

Andrew Luck, the quarterback that the media has propped up as the benchmark of the next great QB, did what he does every week — threw for 300+ yards and spread the ball around with his dynamic receivers. Credit does go to the Giants defense for slowing down the Colts running game. Yet the Giants major weaknesses continues to be several areas.

Starting running back Rashad Jennings is still out with no real return date. Tonight, our re-stocked cornerback position took another hit with Prince Amukamara now being out likely for the rest of the year with a torn pectoral muscle. Even with other teams suffering with some form of injury to a star position player, it’s unfair to let that be an excuse for piss-poor play. (The Lions are 6-2 without Megatron.)

Giants receivers haven’t been consistent nor has the offensive line. The Giants are dead last in overall passing yards, which can be translated 2 ways. The O-line isn’t always giving Manning enough time to launch accurate passes or his receivers aren’t catching the perfect ones he does throw. There’s equal blame on that.

The only other bright side with the Giants right now is rookie Odell Beckham Jr. Tonight, ESPN showed some pre-game warm ups of how talented Beckham Jr. truly is. He logged his 1st 100+ yards game as a rookie. Reuben Randle is clearly not going to be that #2 guy. So 1 of the only hopes the Giants have is that we draft smarter this year and find the money to get a better wide receiver through free agency.

The schedule is always like Sparta for the Giants. Up next, we’re on the road in Seattle then come back to host the 49ers and the Cowboys. This is shaping up to be another 7-9 finish.

Go Knicks!

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