Derek Jeter Launches New Website, The Players’ Tribune

Now that Derek Jeter’s playing days are officially over, he can devote his attention to post-career endeavors. Majority of the time, former athletes go into broadcasting, coaching, or delve into entertainment and tech projects.

The Players Tribune, Jeter’s first off-the-mound venture, is poised to be a medium featuring athletes’ anecdotes that tie into current events in the sports world. It launched this week, with its premiere post being a letter penned by Jeter himself. In it, he gives a great explanation of why he started The Players’ Tribune

I have a unique perspective. Many of you saw me after that final home game, when the enormity of the moment hit me. I’m not a robot. Neither are the other athletes who at times might seem unapproachable. We all have emotions. We just need to be sure our thoughts will come across the way we intend.

The first athlete featured is reigning Superbowl quarterback, Russell Wilson. Expectedly, Wilson’s post relates to the surge of domestic violence accusations in the NFL. It’s an insightful piece that reflects that transparency Derek Jeter plans to maintain for his site. Wilson will also serve as a senior editor.

As an avid reader of so many sites, I look forward to the line up of athletes who will have their voice heard in a way that’s unfiltered and honest.

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