Plaxico Burress Talks About His Legacy and What Could Have Been

The last time we heard about Plaxico Burress was a few weeks ago when he and his wife were featured on an episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap. Burress, whose career ended due to his own stupidity, has been trying to find his way off the gridiron like most former NFL players do. A friend of mine attended a launch party earlier this year where Burress showcased his new endeavor, a sock collection.

At least he didn’t invest in a nightclub

VICE Sports, a sports entertainment Youtube channel, recently did a candid interview with Burress.

On that fateful night: “It happened on a Friday night, nobody found out until Sunday…when that bullet passed through my leg, it was just, it didn’t matter about football, didn’t matter how much money I had, I didn’t know if I was gonna live or die”

His time in prison: “The first 2 weeks I was there, I was on 23 hour lockdown. You’d though I was – I didn’t even know who I was. Being in a cell for 18 hours for 2 years, that’ll change your mind set on a lot of different things in life.”

Check out the video for Burress’s take on what his legacy is and could have been.

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