On Turning Down Sex With A Beautiful Woman

I wrote my 2nd featured guest post for Black and Married with Kids last week. This time, I decided to get super personal and discuss a man’s celibacy and what a struggle it can be; especially when you’re a good looking guy with options. I touched on this experience with respect to being in a relationship last year on my personal site.

Celibacy is something that doesn’t get discussed openly among men. The assumption is that men do everything for the end-goal of having relations with a woman they’re sexually attracted to. There’s some truth to that up until a certain point. Women have become accustomed to expecting sex to be a big deal from the get-go. Although sometimes, chasing for the “reward” of sex gets old for a single man.

Read the rest over on BMWK.

Fellas, have you ever turned down a woman for sex? Is celibacy for lengths of time possible for men?

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