Post Revisited: Failures Don’t Mean You Failed

Something happened this week made me go back and read a post I wrote nearly 2 years ago this month. In it, I said that failure has to be your fuel. Sometimes, failures are the very occurrences that will propel you.

It’s perfectly normal to take your failures to heart. We wonder what we did wrong and what we could’ve done differently. I know for me, a recent situation had me feeling like I hadn’t worked hard enough or that someone was better than me. But intellectually, I knew that wasn’t true. When you step away from a situation that has fallen apart, you have to take into consideration the things that may have been going on behind the scenes.

As I’ve been on my spiritual journey back to God (for further reading), I’ve gone back and forth on how much I need to rely on Him. I mean, everybody goes through tough times in their lives. But when a common theme in your life becomes denial (as a synonym to failure), you’re sort of forced to sit back and ponder why. When you feel like you’re the Megatron of what you do yet others are seemingly winning, you’re going to feel like you inherently are failing.

We live in a world where it’s very easy to get wrapped up into outward competition. With social media and peoples’ need for ego-boosts, everybody incessantly talks about how they’re grinding and making moves. If you’re someone who’s trying to turn a passion into profit, you’re likely going to watch those who are where you want to be. So if you see those people at the dopest parties or getting invites to sold out conferences or eating out at fine restaurants, you build up this narrative in your head that “if they can do it, so can I”. That may be true. However, could you make the sacrifices, make the choices, make the commitments that that person has?  What I find interesting is we put so much stock in someone else’s glory, that we neglect the grind it took to get there.

Nobody likes talking about their failures. A lot of times, you don’t hear about a person’s failures and struggles until they reach a very high level of success. America loves the “rags to riches” self-mad story. We should get away from the pervasive idea that failures are a bad thing. Some of your idols heard far more “no’s” than you think. When you’re passionate about something, you should want people to know the entirety of your success story; even better if people can see it as it’s happening.

I look at the internet/digital game and it’s like certain areas are over-saturated with mediocrity because everybody thinks they can sit at the cool table. I can even look at the realm of writing/blogging. Some people start at it because they want to be the next [insert quasi-famous blogger-turned-media personality]. Instead of understanding their own potential and audience, they want the immediate rewards of a formula that’s proven. But I feel like you set yourself for failures when you don’t embrace developing your own story.

Jealousy and envy are sins for a reason. They take away focus from what God has intended for you. When you compare yourself to the next man/woman by detaching from your failures, you’re doubting your purpose. I’m rambling sort of, but what I’m saying is that failures are a natural part of the process to the top. Getting there is really comes down to pacing yourself and taking the lesson from each failure that you’re supposed to do. My spiritual mentor texted me something the other day that spoke some life into me. If you have the faith to speak something into existence, God will perform those little miracles on your behalf.



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