Photo Post #1: A Reminder

I said I was going to share more photos this year on here. And with the playoffs underway and work stuff happening, I’ll probably be taking a lot more photos on the journey than I normally do.

Today’s photo serves as a reminder about success and timing.

Never seen one up close

Never seen one up close

This is 1 of my job’s client’s championship ring. Last year was my first full year as a sports agent; although I more or less work on the marketing and management side. It was my first time attending a NBA Finals game. I was just hype to be directly a part of something I’d watched my entire life. I can’t really describe the atmosphere and excitement of it. On one side we had a client who was playing his heart out. On the other side was a client who was in a great situation career-wise. I didn’t know the other client personally but I still sent congratulations and left it at that. However, re-visiting last June and talking w/ a particular client lately gave me a clearer picture of why I do what I do.

It doesn’t matter if the media never talks about you. It doesn’t matter if fans overlook a player for autographs. I chose to be an agent in order to help young mens’ dreams come true. Playing in the NBA is a privilege. We preach humility and encourage clients to maintain a positive attitude especially in the face of defeat. No matter what you do though, everybody wants to win or be aligned with winners. For me, I don’t care about being rich or famous. I’m okay w/ not representing a big name player or being passed up on certain marketing deals because a client isn’t “known enough”. At the end of the day, the company I work for represents winners. Nothing and nobody can ever diminish that fact.

To put this in a more broader scope, don’t chase success. Chase your dreams. It’s easy (and human) to compare yourself to others who are running the same race. When it comes to opportunities or bonuses/perks, you wonder why them and not me? Those are the times that you need to be reminded why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’ll never be successful if you simply do something for the perceived or expected rewards you see others getting. Success is a series of choices and adjustments. Staying grounded in your choices and making adjustments at the right time means knowing that eventually the results you’re working for will happen.



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