Relationship Criticism AKA “When Sh*t Gets Real”

If dating is like being on 90 days probation at the new job, then taking a relationship inventory is that dreaded performance review.

Sometimes an isolated event will prompt you to have a come to Jesus conversation with your significant other. Maybe you tripped over his size 13 Jordans for the last damn time that morning. Or maybe she’s noticed that you’re not as emotionally in sync as you used to be. Other times, as a couple, you just reach a point where it’s necessary to do a check-in to see if you’re both on the same page in the same book.

Things can get stale in a relationship and eventually going through the motions becomes detrimental. It might not be as drastic as “do I stay or do I go?”. But every couple has to take a honest survey on their relationship up to that point. Check out an explanation of constructive criticism vs. good ol fashioned complaining in romantic relationships.



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