Stephon Marbury Wins 2nd CBA Title In 3 Years

Stephon Marbury’s career in the Chinese Basketball Association has been nothing short of amazing. Marbury and the Beijing Ducks won their second CBA title this weekend. They won their franchise’s first championship in 2012 in which Marbury was also a huge part of. It was an emotional experience for Marbury considering few NBA stars experience this level of success as international players.


“Winning the championship is great but building character as a team will ­prepare the future for the next generation to come. The Dynasty is now in ­motion.”

-Marbury after the Ducks’ 2nd championship win

In the championship game last night, the spry 37 year old guard put up 28 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 steals.

Marbury’s overseas success was a fresh reminder of my post on execution. He had a great NBA career and was a top 10 point guard up until his exit from the league. If you look at Marbury’s draft class, which features future HoFs Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, and Kobe Bryant, it paints a picture that even when you’re afforded such an opportunity, your journey to winning may still take you on a different path.

I’m happy to see Starbury thrive and be able to compete at a high level. Much of his draft class have either retired or are dealing with injuries. Although it’s an unrealistic hope, I’d love to see Starbury come home and end his career with a championship-caliber team.


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