5 Types Of Photos I Wish Instagram Could Ban

I have an Instagram that I barely use. I open the app maybe once or twice a week, see what I missed, and go back to observing the ever-changing weather outside my window.

People do some of the weirdest things on a social app that is essentially a photo storage and sharing site. Instagram isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, it’s funny how “art” imitates the quirks we used to only laugh about with our friends.

What regular SIX year old dresses like this?

Cute kid, but what regular SIX year old dresses like this by choice?

Lord Disick Clones

Since when did dressing your single-digit year old son like a Martha’s Vineyard trust fund baby become the move? I don’t personally follow any pages but I often see these kids on the featured page of the app. Don’t get me wrong, all of the children on the IGBabies page are adorable. But come on now! This trend of dressing your child, mainly boys, as grown men is a little obsessive.

Dirty Bathroom/Bedroom Selfies

My phone doesn’t have the front-facing camera. So when I want to take a selfie, I have to turn my phone around. But if I do take a mirror selfie, I make sure the mirror is clean. It’s 2014 and you can get cleaning supplies on clearance at Target. There’s no reason why your bathroom should look like a freshman dorm. I saw one person’s selfie the other day and the dust on her TV screen looked painted on. Terrible.

Why would you ruin this goodness w/ the Kelvin or Inkwell filter?

Filtered Food Porn

This isn’t the same as struggle plates. I take food pics because I eat out fairly often. Not every picture you post should have a filter on it. Food pictures fall into that category. [shout out to Stir in LA]

What I’m Listening To

Sigh. I don’t trip off of screen caps. Sometimes they’re funny or become a conversation piece among your friends in real life. But screen capping your morning playlist every day? Really, fam? We’re all listening to that new Rick Ross.


I don’t know who, why, or when this became a thing. Memes are meant for FB and Twitter. Instagram purposely degrades the quality on memes for a reason. They don’t belong there! Nothing worst than going to someone’s private Instagram and getting your invite approved, only to see all of their photos are memes.

Honorable mention: Pregnancy Tests

Are you a busy Instagram’er? What are some of your pet peeves about Instagram pics and posts?



  1. I love it!!! What baffles me are the photos of people in church or at the gym. Usually when I’m in the gym, I’m tired and sweaty. The last thing on my mind is taking a picture to post on social media.

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