Forgiveness Isn’t A Manly Thing To Do

Against my better judgement, I decided to watch The Best Man Holiday. I remember when it came out, tons of people on my FB feed were giving away spoilers that implicated someone dies at the end. But dayum! I wasn’t prepared for eye condensation.


Every man has been Lance Sullivan at one point in his life. Maybe not to the extent of having to deal a homeboy sleeping with your girl, but we get Lance. What I found interesting about The Best Man Holiday is that 10 years later, Lance still hasn’t let that resentment go. He has the picture-perfect life. He and Mia overcame that storm. However, his one weakness is his inability to forgive.

Sometimes it takes a devastating loss to remind you of how you need to have all of your loose ends in life tied up.  It’s hard to have small talk and be cordial to someone that hurt your feelings; especially if it’s a romantic relationship. It take a lot of energy to act like you hate the person who hurt you. But that’s really all it is – an act. Read more about the reasons why men are slow to forgive.


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