#Knickstape Are Now The Dallas Cowboys

A year and one day ago, Steph Curry came into Madison Square Garden and dropped 54 points. This time around, not only was Curry business as usual, his teammates were hitting their shots as well. The most impressive stat line from Curry’s 27/11/11 triple double was his rebounds. The Knicks let a point guard get 11 rebounds, 9 which were defensive. What’s defense again?


Fellow Splash Brother, Klay Thompson, hung 25 on the Knicks, shooting 50% from the 3 point line. Even veteran Jermaine O’Neal took advantage of the nonexistent depleted front court by adding his own 15 points with 6 rebounds.

Jr. Smith says for the Knicks, it’s a lack of heart that’s contributing to this monumental downturn. That’s an excuse that I can’t co-sign. Even without having watched many Knicks games this year, I know exactly what it is.


This is who Knicks fans should be booing

You can liken these Knicks to the Dallas Cowboys. Terrible management will eventually make its way down to the game performances. There’s literally nothing the Knicks can do to improve this team at this point. The reason for that lies on the shoulders of owner James Dolan. The Knicks have given up draft picks time after time. [Bonus: Check out this great article analyzing what Knicks traded draft picks have turned into for other teams.] No team wants A’mare Stoudemire. And I’m sure the interest for Tyson Chandler has dwindled greatly due to his injuries. Although rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. is coming into his own as a volume shooter, the Knicks resorted to signing Shannon Brown on a 10 day contract to add some type of “defense” to the back court. I mean, I’m a better point guard than Ray Felton and that’s no exaggeration.

With the Dallas Cowboys, they’ve always have the pieces. They tend to draft good talent. But it’s never enough. It’s the same thing with these Knicks. They added players who were so needed last year; namely Jason Kidd. Yet we fought tooth and nail against an old ass Boston team and a hungry Miami team.

Melo said this morning:

I think as a team we just, we’re not consistent in a lot of aspects out there, and it’s showing.

I, like most fans, have let go of the euphoria of last year’s playoff run. Knicks fans are the harshest and most honest critics out of all of the NBA fan bases. We know when a great player’s talent is being wasted away. I’ll buy a #7 Bulls jersey if that happens. Get out while you can, Melo. You don’t deserve this.


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