To Use or Not To Use A Groupon

If you were to ask a group of single women if a guy using a Groupon would be okay with them, you’d get a resounding…


Some people say “well if you don’t have money, you shouldn’t be dating”. That’s unrealistic and dumb as hell. I think you have to be smart and know how/when to splurge and when not to.

Over on Examiner, I wrote about using Groupon for Valentine’s Day.

You, under no circumstance, should never use a Groupon on a first date. If you want to take a woman out to a 4-5 star restaurant then you need to cut your own hair and pack lunches that week before. But if you’ve got a few years under your belt, then I don’t think using a Groupon is a bad move. I’d actually recommend it on a few occassions.

I personally have used Groupon to purchase trip packages. As a man who loves to travel, if I can save $300+ on a vacation or take a cheap trip to a place I’d never otherwise visit, I’m jumping on it. Groupon usually has pretty good deals on resorts in Jamaica, Belize, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and even South Africa. Hell, I still have a Groupon for Exuma Island that I need to use. [Google it and tell me you’d pay full price for a trip there if you didn’t have to.]

My girl and I have a bucket list. Ever so often, I check out Groupon for cool date ideas. Dinner and movies gets old. She can do that with any dude. But taking a pottery class or enjoying a helicopter ride over the city’s landmarks is an experience we’d be able to enjoy together. In general, Groupon is a great resource if you’re looking for different things to do with your significant other.

I’m by no means rich. There are some things I will go all out for. However, at this point in my life, you can’t put a price on your interest and time. When 2 people are really into each other, neither are keeping tabs on who spends what. If you have a great catch, she’ll actually encourage you to save for the future. I mean would you rather eat at STK every weekend or have the down payment for a $500K house?


  1. I’m working toward getting myself out of debt so I understand a man who knows how to be frugal. What I don’t like is a cheap & stingy man. There is a difference.

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