Marriage Lessons From Jay Z & Justin Timberlake

As I was doing some year-end cleaning on my netbook and phone last night, I came across pictures I took from the Legends of the Summer tour. I started to remember the performances of Jay and Justin Timberlake and the delivery as they floated through their discography. Aside from the new found bromance, these are 2 worldwide stars who have something else in common. They don’t shy away from the fact they’re smitten with their women. I look at them a little differently because their public art has become so intertwined with private lives.


Men are sometimes afraid to be happily in love. We don’t want to let that happiness outwardly show for reasons that are both internal and external. I know for me, sometimes I hate to get too excited about a relationship because I feel like the universe will be like “wait, he’s a little too happy here, let’s shake sh*t up”. On the outside, the people around you sometimes root for your relationship to crash and burn. Your friends might clown you or put seeds of doubt in your head. So you try to downplay how great love is and how fulfilled you are. Beyond Barack Obama, there aren’t many celebrity men that guys can look at and see the positive effects of marriage. So Jay and Justin aren’t bad “role models” to have.

Read up some lessons about marriage you can learn from Jay and JT

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