New York Sports Giveth, Then Taketh Away

The NFC North had a confounding week 16. But that still pales in comparison to the underachievement of my city.

Whether it was:

Eli Manning’s weekly pick fest


Mike Woodson’s rookie-esque coaching mistakes


The Shawn Carter v. Scott Boras v. Yankees Inc. pissing match


New York sports across the board has been maddening this year for lifetime fans. Just because we’re used to something doesn’t mean it hurts any less when it happens as expected. For so long, the Yankees were a New Yorker’s saving grace. But even they succumbed to the belly of mediocrity in the wake of Alex Rodriguez’s lies alleged use of PEDs.

I can’t even be upset about the Giants. This is a team who has a beat up defense, an aging O-line and major holes on its secondary. Offensively, Manning struggled weekly to be on the same page with his receivers. Hakeem Nicks, who will be a free agent in the summer, had countless drops. Then there’s our revolving door of running backs. We spent our 1st round draft pick on the spry David Wilson only to need Brandon Jacobs and Peyton Hillis as fill-ins. Eventually our defense turned the corner, but it was already far too late. Other more well-rounded teams (like the Panthers and Seahawks) are just way too good.

The Knicks? Look, I addressed the expected storylines before the start of the regular season. When you have a major superstar in a major market, everything is his fault when things are going wrong. When the team’s winning, it’s a team effort or good coaching. Despite Melo being a little more defensive-minded than his Nuggets days, the Knicks are still in struggle city. Statistically though, Melo is nearing a double-double complimented with his 9 rebounds per game. Rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. definitely has sparks of his father in him. He was 1 of the best spot up shooters in the country at Michigan. But in the crowded line-up of guards, Hardaway is only finally getting the minutes he should have been getting. In the past 8 games, Stoudemire has shown flashes of 2003-4 STAT. However, when you have glass knees, you can’t maintain that type of play for long.

The primary problem with #Knickstape is not putting some accountability on the coach. Any coach that’ll let a player attempt 17 3 pointers in a game needs to have a pink slip in queue. And let’s not forget the costly mistake discussed in the video. Mike Woodson is awful at committing to lineups. Thus far, only Melo and Iman Shumpert have started every single game. Injuries aside, Woodson seldom puts together the right balance of offense and defense on the floor. It seems like this year that flaw is far more pronounce.

I’ve seen 5 championship parades in my lifetime as an #allnyeverything fan. The Subway Series of 2000 was something I’ll share with my son someday. But it’s embarrassing that there’ll be no championship trophies raised on our home turf in 2014 or 2015.

At least we have Melo’s Orangemen. I guess.


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