5 Underrated Things Women Do For Men That Are Sexy

It’s still funny that the most popular post on this entire site is “5 Randomly Sexy Things I Love About Women”. I had no idea that so many men out here like back dimples. I don’t feel alone in my creepness anymore.

This past weekend, I did some thinking about the things women do as a normal part of their behavior in relationships. Women, as a gender, have quirks that make them sexy. Accents, their style of makeup, or even the food that they cook well can make a woman uniquely fit to be some man’s perfect girl.

I can obviously come up with way more than 5 based on my personal taste, but this a handful that really stuck with me.

Good Taste in Music and Movies

Men have many of the areas of entertainment covered insofar as making recommendations. We don’t often seek out advice on music, movies, and books from women. But there is a lot to be said for a woman who can tell me about a independent movie that has a great message and solid acting. As a music fan, I try to always stay ahead of new artists and music that’s not on Billboard. It’s a turn on for a woman to be able to show her man something new.

Take Charge and Plan Things

One of the pains of dating for men is the burden is on us to plan everything. Women like to suggest and passive-aggressively say what they’re interested in doing. They don’t have to try; just show up and look good. In a relationship, the responsibility of planning activities and scheduling things is shared. The force of habit keeps us thinking we have to be in control. But it’s nice to be able to enjoy special treatment without having to contribute.

Wear Our Clothes

There used to be a running joke on Twitter about how women love to steal their boyfriends’ basketball shorts and t-shirts. They always seem to know which items are our favorite pair and re-possess them with no regard for how much it costs to replace. But fellas have to admit, they do look better in them than we do. Remember Rosie Perez in that wifebeater?

Make The First Move

Men and women have viewed sex differently for generations. Biblically, it’s intended for a man and his wife. To my knowledge, there’s no mention of orgasms in the good book. Women are conditioned to be sexually repressed. The great thing about sex in a relationship is you’re operating under a new set of guidelines. It’s a game changer when a woman can assert herself sexually and communicate how her man can satisfy her. Closed mouths don’t get fed, right?

Amber Sabathia does a lot behind the scenes to support her superstar husband’s brand and charitable efforts.

Show Unconditional Support

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian but every guy she’s dated, she’s always been front and center to cheer him on. In NY, it’s become commonplace to see the wives of CC Sabathia, Carmelo Anthony, and Amar’e Stoudemire at every game and social event to support their guys. Yeah, us regular number crunchers and corporate rats will never have the means to make our bigger dreams come true. However, being able to share small accomplishments with your girl and have her be excited is a big deal. We feel the same way that those athletically superior men when they look up in the stands. It’s important for a man to have a woman who supports his endeavors and helps him cultivate ways for them to grow together. Additionally I’ve always said that any woman that doesn’t make her man a better person is wasting both peoples’ time.

That’s my list. Fellas, if your girlfriend does these things, she’s about 93% marriage material. Ladies, relationships are about being with someone who accepts you as you are. Be vulnerable but take initiative.


One comment

  1. Real rap…if #5 is present, a man will (almost) let everything else slide. A man NEVER knows how important the support of his woman is…until he isn’t getting it anymore.

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