Derrick Rose’s Career Is Going To Be Fine

It’s crazy how the internet has written about Derrick Rose’s latest season-ending injury. Writers are talking as if he’s never going to walk again. Some of the posts read like obituaries and odes to the player we lost. It is indeed unfortunate that after a successful surgery to repair his right meniscus, Derrick Rose will now be riding the Bulls’ pine for another season.

The Memes will return

While the joke is on Adidas – after they touted his return and have been blamed for his injury – we have to remember that injuries are a by-product of an athlete’s style of play. For example, if you look at some of the game’s centers, they tend to have a lot of back and shoulder problems. They take a beating down in the paint from guys’ frail attempts to out-rebound them. As they age, their knees slowly start to deteriorate from years of gravity. For guards, the opposite is true. They tend to develop knee problems very early in their careers. Derrick Rose’s game is predicated on his speed and his ability to stop on a dime. He’s one of the league’s best at the stop and pop. He’s always been lightening fast driving to the basket. As a former guard myself, I can tell you that this constant movement slowly eats away at the soft tissue surrounding the knee; including the ACL and meniscus.

I’ve written about my knee problems on here. I said then that I knew exactly how Rose’s apprehension was effecting his hesitation to rush a return. I don’t think he came back too soon. His return was right on target for the type of injury he had. The issue is I don’t think mentally Rose has wrapped his head around the reality that he’s not the same player he was before.

But this does not equates to his career taking a hit. 

Guards are getting faster and physically stronger every draft. As the face of the Chicago Bulls franchise and hometown fixture, trading Derrick Rose isn’t happening. At the age of 25, he now has had injuries to both knees. With the type of player he is, he’s susceptible to re-injuring them.  That being said, it seems that Rose will have to alter his game in order to extend his career. When Rose comes back, he’ll be a veteran with a chip on his shoulder. His skill set doesn’t have to deviate so far away from the Derrick Rose fans love. For the sake of having a longer career, though, it wouldn’t hurt to know when to turn up and when to fall back.

Knee injuries are tough to predict in terms of how long it’ll take the player to be back in actual playing form. But I don’t see this as an indicator of an early retirement for Derrick Rose.

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