Tequila Avion and Other Things Entourage Taught Me

For the longest time, women foursomes dominated the networks: The Golden Girls, Living Single, Girlfriends, and Sex & The City are a few that come to mind. Guys never had a show of their own. With its premiere in 2004, Entourage became that show.

Over the course of 8 seasons, my Sunday schedule was football, Family Guy, SNF or a night basketball game, and Entourage. I was pretty much unreachable on Sundays. So you can imagine how hype I was to hear that the Entourage movie is actually going to happen. They start filming next month.

Shows like Entourage tend to leave their mark on you when they end. You either see yourself in 1 of the characters or you see the types of life lessons you glazed over in undergrad through a fresh set of eyes. Looking back on the show (which I still watch on DVD when nothing else is on), there’s certain things that I attribute to Entourage.

Treat your hustle like a career

Every hustler has a $1 and a dream. J. Cole made a series about his. But most people aren’t savvy enough to translate their hustle into profits. You can turn a hobby into a hustle, but you can’t treat your hustle like it’s a hobby. Turtle is the hustler in Vince’s crew. If you’ve never seen the show, Turtle is basically that friend who always has a great idea but never gets the execution right. The passion is there but he has very little business sense to turn the idea into a money-making endeavor. In life, we all have that 1 thing we’re really passionate about. Being a hustler, you have to literally eat/sleep/breathe whatever your passion is. You have to constantly build on the strengths in your hustle and tailor them to a career that’ll put extra zeros in your account.

Patron is for peasants. Avion is what’s hot.

It’s not often that we see a fictional brand turn into a viable, real life product. Tequila Avion was designed that way as a story line. Interestingly enough, Avion was the push to Turtle carving out his new role in the crew.

Enter Dania Ramirez

The tequila is a family business down in Mexico and the owner wants to bring it to the States. Turtle is introduced to Avion by Alex (Dania Ramirez) after a trip to Mexico is posed as a way to solve some of his money problems. With 1 taste, Turtle realizes that this is the opportunity to finally be taken seriously. By the end of the show, investors are excited about this new tequila hitting the market. Turtle completes his transformation from hopeless hustler to bonafide businessman. His development and evolution was 1 of the best I’ve seen on TV. And what I thought was dope is the actor (Jerry Ferrara) underwent a physical transformation as well. He now looks the part of a successful entrepreneur. What they do with Turtle’s success and the Avion brand will be a big pull for me to go see the movie opening night.

You can’t have success without sacrifice

There’s no such thing as overnight success. Making it takes years, thousands of hours, and tons of rejection. For every “yes” you get, you will probably encounter 10-15 “no”s. If you ask anyone worth their salt what they had to give up in order to succeed, you’d be shocked. Whether you’re in entertainment or corporate America, success is predicated on picking the perfect projects at the right time. For Vince, he wants to do a project that means something to him. So the show spends what amounts to a full season on the movie Medellin.  Medellin tanks horribly after having generated so much buzz.  The film project that Vince held such high hopes for essentially makes him the laughing stock. The unexpected experience of failure has a way of making some people question everything that they thought they were. The great thing is every failure will eventually come full circle and be a lesson  that leads you back to success.


It’s really not about “stuff” for women

Womens’ love languages are usually words of affirmation, quality time, or physical touch. This is a concept that gets driven home in Season 8. Ari Gold is the GOAT! People in Hollywood fear him and he’s an abrasive a**hole. However, that personality doesn’t translate well in his home life. Ari cancelled date nights, showed up late to his kids’ activities, and was constantly apologized to Mrs. Ari. His work is his livelihood. We see this happen in real life all the time. Once you reach a particular level of success, you stop doing the little things for those you love. You rely on your spending ability as an answer for everything. No matter how rich or established you are, love is really about going back to the basics and paying special attention to the things that your “successful self “thinks aren’t a big deal.

This show promoted the camaraderie among men. It also showed the pressure of friendships/relationships when 1 person is the star. It’s going to be dope to see what the guys are all up in the future.


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