Shameless Self-Promotion and Athletes: Savvy or Tacky?

There are benefits to athletes having Twitter. It enhances the fan experience by giving them direct access to the man under the helmet. In 140 characters, fans can express their excitement, frustration, and outright rage to the players. Most athletes use their Twitters and Instagram because it’s less maintenance than a website or email list. But not all of them are using social media in a way that might make sense.


Vince Young and DJ Ware are 2 guys who, as of late, have been begging to get back in pads. Young is notorious for volunteering his services when an active QB finds himself injured and out for longer than a playing week. Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub has had it pretty rough this season. It got worst this past Sunday when he had to be carted off the field with an ankle injury. Vince Young declared how he’d love to play in front of his hometown again. Many Houston fans, as well as celebrities, tweeted their support in Young playing for them.


He tweeted former teammate Brandon Jacobs as part of his campaign to come back as well

He tweeted former teammate Brandon Jacobs as part of his campaign to come back as well

The Giants running game rests solely on the legs of Brandon Jacobs. He looked like a throwback version of himself as he rushed for 100 yards and 2 TDs against the Bears. With David Wilson out and Andre Brown not eligible to come back until Week 10, the backfield is barren. DJ Ware didn’t get much time during his 1st stint with the Giants because at 1 point we were stacked having Jacobs, Derrick Ward, and Ahmad Bradshaw. Those were fun times! Ware was released by the Tampa Bay Bucs this past spring in order to make room for Revis Island. Even then, he wasn’t playing with much effectiveness as he primarily ran short slants out of the back, So are the Giants this far gone? We’ll find out this week, because apparently Ware’s camp has offered his services to the team. He, along with Peyton Hillis, is supposed to go through workouts this week.

So this begs the question; if an athlete campaigns through social media for a roster spot and the team can’t possibly do worst than where they are, is it smart on his part? Should certain things, like job searches, still be done the old-fashioned way?


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