Giants Terrell Thomas’ Discusses His 2013 Return In Blog Series

You can’t not like a great comeback story.

Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas has had a career that’s been marred by injuries. It’s very seldom that any athlete can return from 3 devastating ACL injuries; his 1st occurring while he was still at USC. Thomas was off the field for 2 years. With a struggling, thin secondary, the Giants spent their 2011 and 2012 draft picks on guys who could fill the void left by Thomas (Prince Amukamara and Jayron Hosley respectively). However, the Giants decided to give Thomas 1 more chance this season. The 4 year-$28 million deal he signed prior to his ACL tear last summer ended when the Giants decided to opt out.


He’s now on a 1 year veterans’ minimum contract, which includes playing time incentives. He’s also been moved to safety with the injury to Stevie Brown.

Thomas is chronicling his road back to being an active NFL player on Huffington Post. In his 1st article, he details why he needed to be away from the triggers his injuries brought in order to concentrate on recovering:

Prior to my move south post-surgery, I began my treatment in New York with Dr. John Cavanaugh of HSS Hospital. I came to find, however, that New York was too close to my team and where I got hurt. So, I packed my things and moved back to California to work with my old doctor from USC, Dr. John Meyers. But again, various things reminded me of the tumultuous time last year when I was away from the team, the New York Giants. A week into that stay, I had a dream about a new journey. I told my mom and my agent, and I prayed about it. A week later, I decided to drop everything and move to Pensacola to get away from it all.

You can read more about Thomas’s journey here.


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