Giants’ David Wilson & A Case of Deja Vu

2 fumbles. In the season opener. On the road. Against the Cowboys. With no equally talented RB #2.

I didn’t get to watch the game and I’m glad of that because the box score describes a disjointed team effort, despite Senor Cruz’s 3 TDs. When I read over on SB Nation’s Big Blue View that the Giants will be working out free agents Willis McGahee and Brandon Jacobs, I knew 2nd year RB David Wilson was in trouble.

Same thing, different year

Last year, his excuse could have been rookie jitters. It’s understandable because the Giants is New York’s team (don’t debate me on this, I’m serious) and it’s pressure to play under the big lights. The extra cushion was having Ahmad Bradshaw and the receiving unit to take some of the attention off of Wilson. Then Andre Brown emerged and Wilson sort of redeemed himself toward the end of the season.

However, with the starting position fully owned by Wilson this year, I couldn’t believe he put himself back in Coughlin’s doghouse. I watched him at V-Tech and he’s explosive due to his size and can be incredible cutter. If he can just learn how to tuck the ball high and tight, he could be a top 10 RB.

I feel sorry if you own him on your fantasy squad and started him this week. To be honest, I wouldn’t be so quick to give up on Wilson though. The Giants have a few other problems too, due to injuries. Willis McGahee seems like the most logical pick, but I wouldn’t be disappointed to see Brandon Jacobs back in blue. At this point, it’s impossible to do worse than David Wilson right?


  1. The Giants are not giving up on the young running back. He has the same disease that Tiki Barber had… A case of the dropsies. Barber turned it around once he learned how to “tuck” the ball away and so will Wilson.

    The Giants will not abandon their #2 pick. Everyone just be patient!

    As for Jacobs, have you all forgotten how upset Coughlin was because he stopped running North and South with that large frame of his? He isn’t the answer…Been there done that. Rather have McGahee..

    Nice read! From other disappointed Giants fans.. 😦

    1. Im overseas, so I’m slow on updates, but I see we committed to BJ for the rest of the season.

      Fantasy-wise do you see Cruz/Nicks numbers going up? I honestly think the decision to sign BJ over McGahee was for blocking purposes and goal line carries since Hynoski is plain awful.

    2. Yes, as long as Nicks can stay heathy, which seems not to be that long… Reuben Randle would make an excellent WR2 should Nicks stumble, however.

      You’re probably right on the money as far as Jacobs is concerned.

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