#30in30 Day 28: The Torn ACL Saga Continues

It’s been 3 weeks since I had my torn meniscus repaired. Instead of cutting away the torn part, my surgeon sutured it up. The ideal “rehab” was to do ice and heat, then PT once the immobilizer came off.

Only I’m still in the immobilizer.

Lately, I’ve had swelling a lot around my knee. Over the weekend, I decided to go crutch-free. I walked around trying to put just enough pressure on my knee to get it active. That was pretty stupid because now the pain isn’t going away; it’s actually still hurting as I post this.

So I’ve decided to finally embrace the prospect of getting my partially torn ACL repaired. I was trying to wait it out. With all the research I’ve read regarding partially torn ACLs, it’s possible that they can and do heal themselves. But considering my reconstructive surgery is only 18 months old, I may not be a good candidate for “wait and see”. For as much as we clowned Derrick Rose for sitting out, I get why his angst was there. Not rehabbing your knee properly the 1st time it’s injured or not taking enough time away does more harm in the long run.

Although there’s tons of videos and information about the medical aspect of healing from a torn ACL, there’s not as much from the POV of a real athlete. Therefore, I’m thinking about doing some vlog updates next month solely about my process and rehabbing the right way.


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