#30in30 Day 25: Horoscopes Be Knowing + Thank Yous

It’s officially my birthday!

I’m typing this in a cab leaving my birthday dinner, so excuse typos and rambling

1st and foremost, I’m grateful to see the end of 1 year and the beginning of another. Every day, something reminds me that I don’t have to be here. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems and life is always subject to change.

My family has held me down through the rough times of these last 12 months. I love how close we’ve grown and how much they’ve shown me that we’re like isoceles triangle. We’re only as strong as our base and we have equal responsibilities to the well-being of one another.

To CJ, ya tu sabe! No te necesitas algunas palabras

To my work associates and Impact Basketball – thank you for bringing me back to my 1st love! I’ve continued to learn about the biz side of basketball and have been able to add on to my vision from all of your knowledge. I’m excited at what the rest of the year holds for these professional r’ships

And to my readers, y’all are a big reason of why I still write. Every click, comment, and share means the world to me! This little site of mine has evolved into being a part of my legacy. So I appreciate every single 1 of you who has supported, showed love and been able to take something out of any post I’ve written.

Now about horoscopes – usually I don’t believe in them. But the prevailing theme in my horoscopes lately is not giving up and trusting the process. Turning 34 and looking back on some situations in my life, I’ve changed my outlook to “if I have to trust someone, why not God?”

Read more over on my personal blog


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