#30in30 Day 15: My Hate For United Airlines, Verified

On my social networking pages, I’m always ranting about United Airlines. In the past year that I’ve been flying with them, I’ve only departed on time 2x. TWO TIMES. IN 12 MONTHS. My longest delay with them was right before the draft. First it was a 4 hour delay, which eventually ended in a cancelled flight. That very same day, I was kicked out of their United lounge for “being belligerent”. The average person would ask well why do you keep giving them business? Well, my relationship with them is of a corporate nature. The perks are great (Direct TV ftw) and they’re the only airline that has regular nonstops out of Houston. Trust me, I’d never willingly choose to fly United.

Forbes.com posted a gallery of America’s Best Airlines back in April, in which the criteria included on-time performance and passenger complaints. Take 1 guess where United ranked on that list.

When Virgin Air starts flying out of Houston, I’ll hit my TI

What struck me is that Virgin Airlines was ranked #1. Even though it has limited service, people are still happy with the business of flying with them. I’ve taken Virgin Air 3 times; 2x as LA-Vegas trips and once a cross-country LA-NY flight. It’s a fun flying experience and I’m always satisfied with their customer service. Right now, Virgin Air only flies out of Dallas and Austin. But they’ll still remain my 1st choice whenever I’m on the West Coast.

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