#30in30 Day 10: Life’s Dopest Feelings

In the past 2 months, I’ve been in San Antonio, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Boca Raton, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, and LA. But nothing compares to coming home to New York!

Although I was raised in South FL, NY (especially Brooklyn) will always be home to me. I became a man in the concrete jungle. Some of my best memories involve trips on the 6, the F, or the LIRR. When I was driving through Midtown the other day, my mind experienced a sensory overload. No other city gives me the feeling that New York does. So it got me thinking about some of life’s other dope moments.

– Waking up on a Monday morning and remembering that your boss is on vacation all week. Complete laziness and procrastination FTW.

– Finding an extra $20 in the pockets of something you’re about to donate.

– A fresh haircut.

Bonus * – not having to wait 30+ minutes to get that fresh hair cut.

– Hearing your parents tell you how they proud they are of your accomplishments.

– Having your girl/wife tell you how appreciative she is of what you do.

– A new Hov song premiering on Hot 97.

– Getting on the scale and seeing all those late nights/early mornings in the gym pay off.

Enjoying 1 of your favorite desserts guilt-free

Enjoying 1 of your favorite desserts guilt-free

– The kind of orgasm that makes you stutter. The kind of orgasm that will have you thinking about her weeks later.

– Running into an ex and not caring if they’re doing better than you.

– Sleeping naked on Egyptian cotton sheets.

– (for writers) Besting your busiest traffic day.

– Having someone tell you that a post you wrote touched them in a dramatic way.

– Having another writer write a post based on something you wrote AND give you credit.

– Seeing an extra zero on your bank balance.

– A perfectly fried piece of chicken breast.

– Being able to sit and eat a big bowl of sugar-laced cereal in your boxers on a weekend morning.

– Sitting around with family you haven’t seen in awhile and enjoying simpler times when life wasn’t so busy.

– Finding the 1 who makes you forget about the rest.

What are your some of the little things that make life dope to you?


One comment

  1. The best feeling is having your kids tell you they love you and miss you. Especially for a dude with daughters, something about hearing that “Daddy…” It gets me everytime.

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