#30in30 Day 4: NBA Finals Closing Remarks

This is 1 of the toughest post game interviews of the last few years. This is a Spurs team that many of the media personalities over on ESPN said would lose in 6 to the Heat. You have to wonder how much the 2-3-2 schedule played into this. Statistically, the Spurs had a better regular season home record. So the expectation when they stole 1 on the road was that they’d win all 3 at home. Relying on the 3 and the Argentinian turnover machine botched that. With the competitive edge that volleyed back and forth between these 2 teams, we all got exactly what we wanted out of an NBA Finals series. Exciting, unpredictable basketball!

For me, the hardest part of Duncan’s interview is his entire demeanor. Although he’s naturally subdued and has been described as stoic, this was just…different. The trio in San Antonio was 4-0 in the NBA Finals prior to losing to Miami. As a fan, it sucks to see 1 of the top 10 greatest players of all time be in a position of “almost, but not quite”; especially on the tail end of his career.



  1. Maybe you would have written a different article had Pop benched Manu in the fourth quarter of game 6 instead of Duncan… It might not have been the sole reason for the Spurs’ loss to the Heat, but we were not impressed with the way Pop coached the final two games nor with his lack of making adjustments.

    1. And Pop’s crappy response to why he kept Manu in and Parker out only kinda added to the frustration. What I also found funny is that despite Bosh being offensively AWOL, he came up with huge defensive plays that shifted the momentum for Miami.

      I still have yet to figure out why Pop never played T-Mac. Supposedly they signed him for “insurance” yet Pop’s loyalty to Manu is what cost them ring #5 imo

  2. I agree. I mean Manu only had one good game in the Heat series. He had what 8 turnovers in game six? And yeah, the TMac deal is one that just didn’t make any sense to us either. Surprised no one asked Pop about that but then again, Pop being Pop he wouldn’t have answered the question anyway…

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